Art prices vary greatly depending on size, media, and completion time.

“Poured” images, because they generally take less time, might be as low as $200, whereas oil paintings, which can take a year or longer, might cost 3-10,000 dollars.

Pastels and more standard watercolors are typically priced inbetween. But again, prices will vary. A small work (say 12-13”), completed in 3-4 weeks, might be priced as low as $500. A very large work (say, 5 foot square), especially if it took over a year to complete, might be priced at $3000 or more.

Quality prints of art are when properly presented, often indistinguishable from the original works of art. They can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of the original and they can be printed at any size proportionate with the original image. The quality of prints varies greatly. The artist has sought out the highest quality sources for prints at various price points in the Dallas metroplex.

Prints are available of many images in the “vacation” series. And the artist will consider scanning and printing other images. Please call to discuss price and availability.

Framing can be very expensive, often costing more than the art itself. However there are numerous ways to lower cost. The artist will work with you to find a framing choice that is within your budget.