From the beginning, Jennifer spencer has desired to transmute art history, redefining the formats, techniques, themes and subject matter of earlier works. Her intent is not to duplicate, but to modernize the earlier styles. Without sacrificing an essentially realist approach, she flattens and abstracts the image to create a post-modern duality that challenges the viewer to determine what is contemporary and different or derivative about the general appearance, structure and tone of the newer work.

Though she is best known for her figurative work, her primary subject has evolved into city and landscapes. She makes use of color and light combined with subject matter to create beautiful images by painting what is loved and idyllic, fun and desired. Her “Vacation” series exemplifies her unique style by appealing to the very American aspiration for rewards following very hard work, which she herself also lives for.

Earning numerous awards and prizes from her works widely exhibited in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond, Jennifer is equally respected as an educator as well. She holds a doctorate in painting and art history from Illinois State University, and has taught for more than twenty years in the Dallas area colleges and universities, giving frequent guest lectures.

For over 10 years, she has worked as an art consultant, helping build private and corporate collections, having noteworthy involvement in the development of numerous sculpture gardens, including the Dallas historical meadows building.